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CMS has been providing innovative and powerful automated, image based wholesale and retail lockbox solutions for over 20 years. Our unparalleled experience is evident in our ability to deliver a wide selection of cost-effective lockbox solutions designed to fit each banks’ unique needs.

We work to configure a lockbox solution tailored to a demanding customer base, designed to grow with an effective ROI.

CMS Solutions include: Wholesale Lockbox, Retail Lockbox, Wholetail Lockbox , Internet Delivery, Online Exception Decisioning and Data Completion, Health Care (EOB) Processing, Property Management, Remote Capture/Processing, Document Management more.


Lockbox Pro™

CMS' New Flagship Product bridges the GAP between Wholesale and Retail Lockbox by combining them into ONE fully integrated system.

Finally there is a single product that offers simple lockbox setups, work-flow management and combined-outputs for both wholesale and retail lockbox payments.

Lockbox Pro™ is a full featured image based system specially designed to combine the unique requirements for both Wholesale and Retail Lockbox payments into an easy-to-manage single application.

The foundation of Lockbox Pro is Lockbox-Plus; CMS' traditional Wholesale Lockbox Solution. Added to the highly evolved Lockbox-Plus are the features and functionality found in CMS-Plus, our Retail Lockbox Solution.

Lockbox Pro inherits our traditional user interfaces which consists of a combination of menu driven parameters, check boxes and data lists in the processing requirements for individual accounts in account setup.

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Wholesale Lockbox

Capture Anywhere/Key Anywhere Wholesale Lockbox System

Lockbox-Plus™ is a full featured image based system specially designed for the unique nature of wholesale lockbox payments.

Lockbox-Plus™ integrates imaging invoices, envelopes and correspondence, on a multitude of transports, while maintaining the integrity of the entire transaction. Data Entry data is captured with CMS’s Innovative Single Click ICR recognition system, checks encoded or converted to X9.37 image files, and image and data deliverable via the Interactive AWeb-PRO™ Internet delivery system.

The challenge in designing a system is to make account setup easy, while still providing the ability for complex processing with the same interface. Lockbox-Plus™ is easy to use, features quick account setup, and does not require programming expertise to manage, maintain or operate.

CMS’s Lockbox-Plus™ solution uses a combination of menu driven parameters, check boxes and data lists in the processing requirements for individual accounts in account setup.

Our wholesale lockbox system is designed to accommodate the most challenging customer needs, capturing and formatting data to provide dynamic, custom-designed output, cost effectively.

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Retail Lockbox

Retail/Hybrid Lockbox Solution

CMS-Plus™, an image-based retail lockbox system, offers many of the same powerful features and services as our wholesale solution, with additional functionalities unique to retail lockbox.

Utilizing scan-able coupons, our retail lockbox application enables automated capture of receivables data. Automation is added with additional data validation and quality tools such as: stop payments, variance ranges, date criteria and positive acceptance files. Alphanumeric scan lines can be read and included within check digit routines.

Easily deposit to Multiple DDAs via values on the scan line without the need for manual presorts or expensive customized programming– an essential requirement for property management lockboxes.

Data transmission and customized reports are written by CMS’s integrated report writer and transmission generator. Summary or detail reports and transmissions are delivered via hardcopy or internet portal.

The CMS-Plus™ system has the ability to process retail remittances in an easy to use high-speed, efficient manner with all of the systemic edits necessary to ensure the highest possible quality. Best of all the CMS system does not require programming expertise to manage, maintain, or operate. CMS-Plus is used every day to meet the unique needs of each lockbox customer while maximizing your productivity and profitability.

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Wholetail Lockbox

What’s your definition of Wholetail Lockbox?

Have a customer with scan-able remittance coupons, who also requires additional data entry field capture, such as remitter name? Receiving check and list transactions that require extensive data capture for multiple transactions? Wholesale payments with a scanline? Stop file needs on data entry fields? CMS’s wholetail system manages the most unique combination of payments easily and efficiently on the same hardware platform.

CMS wholetail lockbox capabilities provide the ability to allocate one payment into different investment funds, designate additional monies to newspaper tips or qualify how much should be applied to additional principal, escrow or late payments.

CMS’s system automates those lockbox accounts that never quite fit into the traditional wholesale/retail processing scenario.

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Web Interactivity

Web-PRO™ CMS unique lockbox web delivery system, provides corporate clients with real-time, intra-day access to images, transactions, Alerts & Notifications, transmissions, and reports. CMS’s Web-PRO™ system adds true interactivity to the lockbox process. More then just a place to see data, Web-PRO™ puts the power of lockbox in the hands of your customers.

Web-PRO’s Online Decisioning functionality allows your lockbox customer to view all exception items in real-time, provide missing data, and make a decision to accept or reject the transaction, greatly reducing the number rejected, returned and unprocessed items. Exception Depot turns rejects, i.e. items received without an invoice/coupon, incomplete check stubs, restrictive endorsements, and incorrect/unacceptable payee shown, into deposits.

Web-PRO™ provides true interactivity for your customers. Trigger notices to your customers based on remitter name match, dollar amount matches, or invoice number matches. Customers can add notes and annotations to each transaction and search the unique data.

Web-PRO™ includes a very powerful transaction search option. Customized based on data entry fields in the system, the fields are presented in your customer's terms and languages. Perform powerful and efficient search for summary or detailed information on intraday or historical data. Once displayed data can be downloaded in customer defined layouts or in generic CSV file. CMS has customers who retain images and data online for up to 5 years.

Images and data are presented in .pdf format, allowing clients to view documents with industry standard conveniences such as expanded zoom and viewing capabilities, more flexible printing, email and saving to their computers.

Web-PRO™ was designed for customization to match your organization’s web presence. With custom colors, fonts, styles and your corporate logo, Web-PRO™ can become an extension of your current web site.

CMS’s Web-PRO™ is a powerful, easy to navigate web interactive interface for your lockbox customers.

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Industry Specific Solutions

CMS has developed Specialized services focused on revenue producing industry segments. With CMS, you can be assured we will continue to focus on products to improve revenue, lockbox profitability, and customer services.

CMS provides a wide range of high-quality, image-based, outsourcing services. This includes wholesale/retail/wholetail lockbox, real-time online exceptions, non-financial batch processing, healthcare processing, Property Management non-profits, and much more. This allows these organizations to offer a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, lockbox product, without the large capital expenditures, staffing issues and management resources.

Examples of Industry Specific Solutions:

  • Property Management
  • Medical EOB Processing
  • Not for Profit Organizations

CMS understands that every client interface presents a powerful branding opportunity. We will brand all of your clients’ individual lockbox deliverables – from reports and data transmissions to complete lockbox web delivery. In fact, our versatile web delivery system was specifically designed with the need for branding in mind. We’ll help you create a look that fits in with your organization’s current style. With custom colors and, of course, your corporate logo, every online interaction will remind your clients just why they’ve chosen to do business with you!

As a result, CMS has remained an industry leader in lockbox technologies for the last 20 years. From major hardware/software installations to outsourcing – and a wide range of Local Footprint Lockbox solutions, CMS continues to provide our customers with the most versatile and sophisticated lockbox solutions available in the industry today.

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Image Remit® Hosted Services

Let CMS do the work for you by outsourcing using our Hosted Services option.

Image Remit® lockbox outsourcing services are suitable for banks and third-party service providers seeking to offer a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, private-label, lockbox product, without the large capital expenditures, staffing issues and management resources required to do so.

Image Remit® can provide strategic mail collection points virtually anywhere in the U.S. that are not in your current “footprint.” This is accomplished through our newly formed partnerships with companies well established in cash collection applications.

Image Remit’s Onshore Processing Sites:

  • North Brunswick NJ
  • Clearwater FL
  • And more coming soon...

Image Remit® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cash Management Solutions, Inc. and operates utilizing the powerful platform solutions of CMS.

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Installed Lockbox

CMS flagship lockbox applications have been helping some of the largest lockbox operations service customers for more than 20 years. With over 45 installed sites, CMS software helps our customer process anywhere from 1,000 items to over four million payments a month. All because the unique scalability of our solutions.

As a leader in remittance and lockbox technologies, CMS was among the first vendors to develop automated, image-based, check processing applications using cost-effective PC technology.

We have gained invaluable experience from working directly with our customers and our solutions are aimed at helping you increase efficiencies, improve customer experience and retention, and remain competitive by keeping abreast of industry trends.

Lockbox-Pro, as well as our other platforms are easy to install, easy to upgrade, and easy to use. Each includes solutions for electronic deposits, information delivery, remote capture, remote keying, and exception processing.

At CMS we are committed to providing best-in-class technologies and services that will allow you to increase your profitability and drive down unit costs.

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Local Footprint Lockbox

Delivered in conjunction with Image Remit™ Hosted Services

Local Footprint Lockbox is a cross between installed lockbox and hosted services. Local Footprint provides for localized (distributed) collection points for image capture with a centralized processing configuration. Local Footprint Lockbox provides the ability to leverage the IT infrastructure, the lockbox processing operations group at Image Remit™ along with the advanced lockbox processing platforms of CMS.

Receive and capture lockbox payments for your customers at your location and send the images to CMS' Image Remit™. The images from those payments would be sent to CMS’s servers for the lockbox processing/ deposit functions. This would include data entry, balancing, deposits and creation and delivery of customer outputs. Limit the required IT infrastructure for a full lockbox system, yet maintain localized collection and quality controls.

With Local Footprint Lockbox your bank can cost effectively :

  • Add a new site
  • Add a new collection location
  • Configure for disaster recovery
  • Manage Overflow/ weekend processing

Image Remit® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cash Management Solutions, Inc. and operates utilizing the powerful platform solutions of CMS.

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Software As A Service

CMS-ASP™ provides a low cost of entry, hosted solution for banks looking to implement leading edge lockbox services. CMS-ASP clients securely access CMS' SSAE 16 (formally known as SAS70) certified data centers via thin-client connections, accessing all the lockbox processing features and functions of Lockbox-Pro™, Lockbox-Plus™ or CMS-Plus™. CMS-ASP™ outputs industry standard x9.37 files, and provides online access to images and data for up to 5 years.

With CMS-ASP™, banks can capture their own work on their preferred hardware, and key from either the same location or any other location, leveraging CMS' "capture anywhere, key anywhere" functionality. Corporate customers access reports, images and data, and perform exception decisioning via CMS' Web-PRO™ lockbox web-delivery system.

CMS-ASP™ provides our customers full control of account setup, report customization, and data transmissions without the full system infrastructure or cost.

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  Installed SaaS Local Footprint Image Remit
Lockbox Pro        
Wholesale Lockbox        
Retail Lockbox        
Wholetail Lockbox        
Document Capture        
Internet Delivery        
Online Decisioning        
Alerts & Notifications        
Remote Capture        
Medical Lockbox        
ICR Single Click Data Entry        
x9.37 Deposit        
Mail Tracer        
Disaster Recovery        
System Maintenance        
EZ Account Setup        

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